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XYL's who say NO to towers - How to Deal with the Ultimate HOA


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(Please note:  The following was written by a YL who has firmly planted her tongue in her cheek.)

Point out to your XYL that a tower next to your house increases the property value.  If you ever decide to sell, a prospective buyer who is a ham will be anxious to buy.

Remind her that having an impressive display of antennas will discourage a burglar, a home invader, or a criminal type person from making you the target of a crime because, after all, your house looks like an official, important person type house with immediate access to law enforcement and bad guys really won't want to mess with you.

Or, you could explain to her that some radio frequencies are resonant with various insect exoskeletons, and every time you transmit on your favorite band, you are sending cockroaches, termites, or whatever bug-a-boos which frequent your QTH to your neighbors where they will become your neighbors' problem.

Reassure her that, because you have a fantastic antenna system, she will always know where you are.  You won't be carousing, playing poker with the boys, or spending time at the bar.  You'll be in the shack, working the world.

As a last resort, encourage her, bribe her, or beg her to get her ham license.  Of course, if you go this route, you'll no doubt have to buy more radios.  What a shame...


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I did not know which Emoji to use on your post. I love it!! I am definitely promoting this one to the front page, I just need the right photo. Anyone have a personal photo of a mean looking house tower??

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