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200th QSO!


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Also, I notice that you’re operating late at night. That’s excellent. I have memories of my dad operating late into the night with a candle burning to light his log book!! Now that I think of it, why? We had electricity!! Also, I like that you’re filling in comments. That’s something I still try to do with each contact. Excellent form.

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Thanks Jim!
Thats about the only way to get Europe and South America on 40 meters Jim, is late at night.

That is If you can hear them over the Euro broadcast stations and the Jesus pirates trying to save your soul with their 15 second long commercials for the Lord.   🙂 
There's one comes on 7185 after midnight UTC.  It's an annoying female child talking about the Lord and Virgin Mary trying to save your soul with an on-air prayer.  Runs for about 15 seconds every 10 minutes.   I never could comprehend how these Jesus Pirates think that annoying the hell out of me while I'm trying to ham is going to bring me closer to their religion.  If anything, it drives me away.  Their commercial drowns out the net and you literally have a black-out for those 15 seconds.  That makes the net run later because everything has to stop for 15 seconds every 10 minutes.  Last night we had to cut it short because we ran out of time and the last 5 or 6 hams didn't get to make a call because we had to get off so the next scheduled net could use the freq.



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