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ARRL 2015 contest rule against protecting 146.52


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As per a contest rule change by the ARRL, 146.52 is now authorized for contesting. What if I need to call out an emergency and the channel is full of users. Sure, I can call a break-break-break, but only if there isn't a pile-up. Regardless, it's the principle. Clearly, the ARRL does not see 146.52 as a public service frequency that should be prioritized for:

  1. Calling out for an emergency
  2. Calling out for simplex listeners before QSY to another frequency
  3. Or, as we propose to use it, as an on-road travel frequency with the understanding that we should keep our transmissions shorter rather than longer and leave breaks in between to allow for emergency traffic.

Here is the ARRL rule change:


I quote the article below:


Use of 146.52 MHz FM Simplex Frequency Cleared for ARRL Contests


The ARRL Programs and Services Committee earlier this year unanimously adopted a recommendation from its VHF and Above Revitalization Committee to remove the rule prohibiting the use of 146.52 MHz simplex for making contest contacts.That change will go into effect starting on January 1.

The VHF and Above Revitalization Committee had concluded that the restriction was no longer necessary. The committee felt that permitting the use of 146.52 MHz would allow new/curious contesters possessing only FM-mode radios to stumble upon more contacts, increasing their chances of being drawn further into VHF+ contesting — the primary aim of the Revitalization Committee. 

Advance notification of the rule change now has been communicated to the full Board, and the change becomes effective in 2016, starting with the ARRL January VHF Contest. 

The change also will be incorporated into the ARRL Field Day rules This change eliminates Rule 1.8 in the “General Rules for ARRL Contests Above 50 MHz,” with subsequent Rule 1 sections renumbered accordingly. — Thanks to Dan Henderson, N1ND, Regulatory Information Manager/Acting Contest Manager


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