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A fun timeline of amateur radio history


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Ham History 3D Visualization

To see this interactive tool full screen, click here.

In either case, whether below, or on the full page version there are two ways of navigating this visual:

  1. Use your space bar to activate the timeline and then use your left and right arrows to navigate it, or
  2. You can also click directly in the yellow bar at the bottom of the tool, and click the arrows with your mouse to advance.
    • You can then click anywhere in the yellow bar to advance to that part of the timeline.

We highly recommend that you view this interactive Ham History visual on a computer or a large tablet, not on a smartphone.

Note that all images are believed to be without copyright, that all dates are believed to be accurate, and that this tool is regularly updated.

Comments are welcome.

Many of the dates above were sourced from existing websites. We encourage you to visit and support them. Here is an abridged listing of interesting Amateur Radio history websites. If you would like to add one, les me know.

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Gosh, thank you MaryAnn. That means a lot to me. I tried to do my homework and get it as right as possible. I think I’ll revisit it annually and just keep improving it especially on the images front. I just have to be careful to find images that are not copyrighted - have to stay legal on that front!! Again, thank you and allow me to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!!

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Thanks Jim, I am enjoying the timeline! I can relate to all of the radio history I have read, and the radio history I heard and saw from my grandfather, I am tying things together.

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