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NOTICE (12/10/2002)
I believe my email got scraped or phished or phased, or whatever they call it now.
If you receive an email from any email address with "KD3Y" in it, IT IS NOT FROM ME.
Maybe not such a good idea to use one's call sign as an email address.  😞

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It's a crazy ugly world out there. I have too many email addresses now and I know for a fact they're spoofed constantly. The unfortunate thing is that short of living completely offline anything we do is subject to risk. Heck, even data kept by the Government gets hacked. Few places remain secure. Maybe the good old bank security deposit box is the last remaining secure/private place left (I hope...).

Again, so sorry this has happened to you Anthony.

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  • Ionosphere

Thanks Jim.  It isn't the email address that I care about, email accounts are free.  The website in question allows you to use your email (or any email address) as a user name and then select a password then click "create account".  But they don't send you the email where you click on the link to verify its your email address.  It's the fact that the email is my call sign that annoys me.  If anybody is surfing that site and sees "kd3y@..." and recognizes a ham call sign, then they'll think it's me and that I'm a wierdo.  Well I am a wierdo but not like that. 🙂   It's almost like identity theft as there's only one legit "kd3y".

I learned about it when I received an email welcoming me to my new account.  It wasn't any sort of thing I would've ever signed up for and it'd be embarassing if anyone thought it was me.

40 meters was big and wide last night!  I got Canada, Russia, and Belgium.   Russia and Belgium was scratchy and weak but Canada was loud and clear.  I only have 100 watts.  Pretty amazing with nothing but a homemade dipole.  I usually can barely hear Canada and they usually vive me a 22 report or something poor like that.

73, KD3Y


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