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Hello fellas,

I worked a station this evening in Massachusetts and he appended /W1 to his call sign.  What does that mean?  I see his QRZ profile shows him in Portugal (CU5AL) so I'm guessing that means he's a licensed Portugese ham that's using his Portugese ham license in USA in some reciprocal agreement?  I googled "/W1" but just got a lot of irrelevant stuff and a gazillion ham call signs containing "W1".


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Maybe someone else can weigh in. The /W is a first for me. People usually use a '/' followed by a letter to indicate where they are transmitting from. “/P” for portable or on foot, “/M” for mobile, and sometimes “/MM” for maritime mobile and “/AM” for air mobile if transmitting from an aircraft. A W after the slash, like I said, is new to me. 😟

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