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40 meter no solder dipole


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  • Ionosphere

Several months ago I built a 20 meter dipole.  They're so easy to accidentally cut short.  So I made it with PVC insulators on the end in a way that it didn't have to be tied off and soldered.  Last month I made one for 40 meters the same way.  Saved me from measuring and wrapping the ends, then finding out I cut it too short and have to add in a piece and re-tune it.


Here's the video... 



I hung it up 26 feet into some pine trees in the back yard.


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  • Administrator

I hope you don’t mind that I embedded the video. I truly think it’s genius. So simple and useful, even in the field. I can even imagine, in a pinch, making the end-pieced out of wood branches, if needed. Great project, truly.

PS. I also promoted the article to the front page.

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  • Ionosphere

Sure no problem at all.  I appreciate the attention.  LOL

Here's a couple pics of my 40 meter dipole in the backyard showing the threaded insulators close up.  Once it's trimmed to frequency the extra wire just hangs out the end.  Don't laugh at the blue smurf tube going up the tree.  My recent very expensive lesson in amateur radio was... squirrels like the flavor of RG-213.  Smurf tube was cheaper than replacing 100' of coax every month.  I don't know why the pics are sideways.  They were right side up when I uploaded them but I don't see a way to rotate them.  But you get the idea of the friction insulator.

I had never thought of that...using sticks as a field expedient friction insulator in a pinch.

20221119_101137 (Small).jpg

20221119_101143 (Small).jpg

20221119_101231 (Small).jpg

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