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I really like my "obsolete" DR-605.  Mainly because of the ease of use.   Not a lot of complicated menus and buried settings.  It's just easy to operate.  I also like the dual watch feature on the 605.  It's literally like two seperate radios built into one.  The left button controls one channel and the right button the other.  I wish all radios came with such simplicity and ease of use.

I made the DR-605 my "GoBox" radio.  Together with my solar panel and the roll-up ladder line J-pole I made, it's truly portable.  I can just throw a line over a tree limb and hoist the antenna up and be ready to TX.




20220630_133229 (Small).jpg


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I was actually not familiar with the 605 (https://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/fm_txvrs/3621.html). Looks like a great radio. Are you happy with both the audio and RF quality?

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