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Which frequency programming software?


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I've used two so far, RT Systems and CHIRP.  RT you pay for, CHIRP is free.

RT I find works the best, but it's not cheap. And, you have to buy a new license, and possibly a cable, for each radio. CHIRP has worked mostly well in the past, I know that the Marine Corps Marathon ham group uses it, but I have had a problem with it on a Yaesu VX-8DR handheld, and I am not alone. Many others have reported it on that radio and others in the Yaesu lin-up There seems to be a problem with minus-offset repeaters. It programs the frequency 5 Khz off, seriously. It's a known bug but no one has addressed it.

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I fully agree. At first I was hesitant to spend money on each radio, but their package is good and their support well worth the investment. I do, I admit, wish they had a package license that would be good for unlimited radios, but they do not.

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