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Question about human/antenna separation


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Right now I have a vertical in the room where my radios are. It an Outbacker on a tripod with wire braid counterpoise. and is about 7 feet away from me. Is it safe to operate with that separation? Rig is a Kenwood TS-830S that does around 220 watts PEP. I'd like to try 75/40/20. I will be putting up something outside but dang it I want to try a little transmitting. Safe or bacon cooker?

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Hi Ken,

You were right to worry about exposure in the first place. So many people do not. and yes, an exposure, calculator is the way to go. But obviously, and I realize that you know this, having the antenna outdoors will always vastly improve both transmission and reception, especially on the bands, you mention. But heck, sometimes it’s just not possible to have the perfect setup. One last point, I assume that you are living within a wooden type structure, because if you are living within a concrete and steel structure, transmitting on those bands from inside, will prove quite the challenge.

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