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Use call signs as passwords.


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Use call signs as passwords and keep them in a password logbook next to your computer. No one will be able to determine what your passwords are.

For example: You have a freind, Bob with a callsign of N5bbq. And another friend, Joe with callsign W6ewe. And one more named Nora who doesn't have a callsign, so you look her name up on the telephone keypad (nora = 6662)

Create a password logbook something like this:                               Fill your password logbook out like this:

DATE: ________/_________/___________                                                    DATE: 12/ 06 / 2021

WEBSITE: ___________________________________                                     WEBSITE: www.anywebsite.com

USERNAME: ________________________________                                      USERNAME: your username for this website

PASSWORD: ________________________________                                       PASSWORD: BobnoraJoe  (your password would be: N5qqb6662W6ewe)

NOTES: _____________________________________                                       NOTES:  Hint: call them.

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I have numerous passwords to change every 30 to 60 days.

I just change the order of the call signs.

If you use three call signs as one password you can get about five variations, by using differnt orders of call signs.

On top of that you can change from upper case to lower case and write your hint like this: "call Joe" for N5qqb and again as "call joe" for n5qqb.

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