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Hey Ham Community, this is an automated post on behalf of our new member: W8STB,

On behalf of Ham Community, let's give W8STB a warm welcome.

W8STB, we encourage you to browse around and get to know the Community's many sections. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, as with all things HAM, we all love to give advice 😎

For everyone's information, W8STB joined on the 05/23/2022; this is their profile: View Member.

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Hello!! Thanks. I’ve been a ham for decades but stopped getting on after my dad became a silent key.  I was very happy to pick up his old call. I bought new equipment this year at Hamvention (ic-705 and Id-52). Got on DStar and love it. Now I’m trying to get my 705 on HF bands. Have not made any contacts yet but hopefully in the next week that will change. 

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Welcome John. Sorry about your dad but great that his callsign lives on through you.

Good call on both the 705 and the 52. Both are great, albeit specialized, units. The 705, of course, is a challenge when the cycle is low or the bands are closed, but with a little bit of perseverance you will make great contacts. Remember, it’s all about having a great antenna and good soil/location. Are you hearing traffic on HF? That’s your first step. If you can hear, they might be able to hear you. Let us know when you make that first amazing QSO 😉

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Yes I can hear. I have a MFJ-350M Toy Box antenna. I was on 40 Meters last night listening. I called out a few times but no replies.

I also bought an XPA125B so I will get up to 100 watts. That should help me make a few contacts. So I will work later this weekend to get everything hooked up and try again. Looking forward to feild day this year. Going to try to run my own station outside using generator.

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