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Post your Berryville hauls here (DC/MD/VA + further)


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Went down to the Berryville hamfest and picked up a few neat items, wanted to share.
  • 200' of paracord - for an antenna run I am planning
  • Wattmeter + dummy load - for testing what I suspect is some bad coax
  • Coax jumpers of various sizes - because who doesn't need more coax!
  • Astron power supply - for the FT-991A when I get it
  • TYT 9800 quad-bander rig - for getting on 6m/10m until I get the HF rig (I know it's cheap, that was the point)
  • A miter saw - because you never know what kinds of deals you might find at a hamfest! I got this one for $80, and I've been salivating over the Ryobi one at Home Depot for $200+ so it really was a steal!

If you went to Berryville, or even another local hamfest, and want to brag on what you scored, post below!

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So, weird story. I wanted to go to Berryville. Night before, I had to do something that took longer than expected. I ended up working on it until 4AM (considering I'm usually in bed by 9PM, you can imagine the impact). So anyway, I wake up at 8, with four hours on the pillow, hop into the jeep and off I go. I get about half way when I decided I need a coffee and maybe a super quick nap, like one of those rest stop, put your head down for a moment kind of nap. By then it was about 10:30. My phone rings, it's my wife who's wondering why the heck my phone shows me stopped at a gas station for four hours!!!! Ooops. Wake up, flip the route, and head home.

As for your shopping list, nice. I need a wattmeter, now that I think of it. Better look for it online before I fall asleep again 😵

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Please add to that lightning strikes, broken springs in CW keys and the invasion of aurora borealis into southern latitudes. Oh wait, and cycle 25 turns out to be the weakest of the millennium.

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