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Well, actually, balm. As in bee balm. In colonial times was used for bee stings. Still a little work to be done. Would like to get rid of the hot spot just to the left of the base of the flower. This is a 30 frame focus stack.


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Long live HDR! It is very difficult to present a good highly saturated shot; this is one time where it came out perfectly. Well done Lind.

Love the background!

And you know me, I usually dislike centering, in this case, it's the only way to go.

9.5/10. The only hit is on the stem. I wish I could see another few mm (being sooooo picky now).


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Actualy, there is more top and bottom in the original. I cut for a 16x9 ratio so that's what I got.

I was thinking of calling it Hell Flower because I see the background as green flames.


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