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Experience with WFVIEW remote software for the IC-7300


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Has anybody experimented w/ the wfview software package for remote controlling IC-7300 ( and other modern  IC radios?  I’m curious if you got the split port working to support Log4OM, WST-x and GridTracker?  

 If so, can we share notes. 




The free/open source software package can be downloaded at: https://wfview.org/


The app supports Windows, MacOS and Linux. 


As a stand alone app it works as a panadaptor, but it can do much much more..... see: https://wfview.org/wfview-user-manual/   

 A good YT clip is at:


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I’m of no use to this conversation because I’ve sold my ICOMs, but the application does look promising, and it’s open source!!

I don’t want to hijack the thread, but I have a question for you Mike. Is the output, including the waterfall, in full HD resolution (1080) or not? I looked on their site and could not find the answer. That would be a game changer considering the lower resolution of the output on, for example, the 7610.


Just looked at parts of the video you posted. Sure looks full HD. And to boot, it seems super responsive.

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Thanks Jim, and I'll go plug it into my TV set and see what happens  ... I have to split the port to allow it to run parallel to my logging program (LOG4OM) and I haven't seen a YT vid on that particular aspect, nor have I joined the groups/io to catch the thread.  I'm assuming if I split my serial port, if I want to return to a single port that is easy to do..... 

Thanks for the reply.  I hope more in the Ham Community will share their expriences/expertise.


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