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Repeater tone question


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Another newbie question.

This is my local repeater.  So if I understand stuff right, "downlink" is the freq I'm listening on (145.450), "uplink" is the freq I need to transmit on (144.850), I need to set my radio offset to -600, and figure out how to set my radio tone to 100.0 to open the repeater?

If I set my freq to the "downlink" (145.450), and set my offset (-600), then the radio should transmit on the "uplink" freq (144.850) automatically if I have the tone thing set to 100.  Is that right?


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Correct on all points. You are good to go. Let us/me know how your first QSO goes. It’s always nice to hear about first experiences on a repeater. Usually, the reception is warm with people welcoming you; sometimes they’re not. In my experience, feel free to tell them that you’re a new ham. Last point, I encourage you to dive right in - after - you spend a day or so listening, getting a feel for the tenure of the repeater or repeaters in your area. 

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