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Can the non-exclusive questions (like id76 - favorite HF operating types, or id86 - modes used on VHF/UHF) be displayed in the census results using bar graphs, not pie charts?



For these questions, since any particular response isn't exclusive. the pie-chart results are skewed.


Single question: What ice cream flavor are your two favorites (from a list of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)?

User 1: vanilla and chocolate

User 2: vanilla and chocolate

User 3: vanilla and strawberry

100% of the users selected vanilla, but if shown in a pie chart, what is shown?  50%?  Because 1/2 of ALL responses were vanilla?  That is skewed.  A bar graph showing a 100%, 67%, 33% distribution conveys much more information.

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Totally agree. Will change them later today. Thanks so much for the input. That’s how we improve.

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