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Sub-categories under DIY


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26 minutes ago, OH6PV said:


How about to add some sub-categories under DIY?
Maybe some like antennas, TX/RX, other equipment.. 🙂

Hey Petteri. Considering it's the only category without subs, yup, makes sense. However, let's think about it some more so that whatever we put up there lasts for a few years.

I'm thinking out loud...

I like the idea of a subcategory just for 'Antennas'. That is something that we all build a lot.

Not sure about TX/RX... maybe if we had a category called 'Electronics'?

What else do we hams build? We build cases and go-boxes. That's something we do a lot. Maybe a category called 'All Things Portable'?

Should we have a category just for '3D Printing'? It's growing and we are using 3D more and more to create stands and other accessories.

Thoughts? Do you see it differently?

And thanks for the suggestion!!

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Off topic: I created a Finland sub forum in the Countries section. Feel free to use it!! And have other Finns join in 😎


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