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Thanks for the encouragement. I am reluctant to get too far into self-promotion, (I don't feel it is quite appropriate for this forum) but if anyone has questions, I will be glad to answer or discuss. Here are just a few details about my books, for anyone interested, and then I will shut up unless responding to direct questions.

(1) The Tym Before - A history of networking before the Internet. I describe the early days of computing, the formation of the first commercial networks, and how they related to the work being done by DARPA (Spoiler: ARPANET was NOT the first global data network!). I explain how the first commercially successful, global network went online in February 1972, and show how today's commercial Internet grew out of it, fully as much as it did Arpanet.  I was intimately involved in making that happen.

(1a) A YouTube video PowerPoint presentation related to the book is here: The Tym Before Presentation

(2) Securing the Network - A more-or-less companion to "The Tym Before," this book tells more of the story of networking with more information on the genesis of the Commercial Internet, and the early streaming services (Long before Netflix!). It is also, partly, a biography of my friend Scott Yeager, who was the visionary behind the formation of the early interconnection points that grew into today's NAPs.  Check Wikipedia for MAE-East.  That was Scott's baby. And mine...  Wikipedia on MAE-East

Those two comprise my non-fiction.

My fiction consists of a trilogy I loosely call Chromosome Quest, involving travel to other worlds, dinosaurs, a remarkably uninhibited stone-age people, and a massive planetary-scale computer system that has become a threat to all humanity throughout the universe.  The books are:

(3) Chromosome Quest - An epic quest involving Fitz, an above average computer jockey and cybersecurity engineer. When the aliens come calling, Fitz transforms from computer geek to humanity's hero.  Also available as an audiobook, as well as paperback.

(4) Chromosome Conspiracy - Back on Earth, having saved humanity, Fitz is getting his life back together following the quest. His self-published "fictional" story of his off-world adventures is selling well, and his cybersecurity consulting business is doing well, when Certified Agent Alex Marco, top "Man in Black," appears with a mystery… One of Fitz’s ’fictional’ characters has walked straight out of his book and landed in Alex’s morgue! eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook available.

(5) Chromosome Warrior - Fitz takes a back seat to a new hero, a female "Man in Black" named Jill. Ex-Military, weapons expert, trained warrior, Jill first appeared in 'Conspiracy.' Now, on the mend from the injuries she sustained in that adventure, she finds herself in charge of returning the "Fur Girls" to their home-world Nekomata. During the journey, she discoverers another threat to humanity, and must rise to the occasion. Paperback and eBook available. Perhaps the Audiobook will come one day.

(5a) Two excerpts from the larger tales found their way into short stories that are free to read on my website. The Threshold takes place in the interlude between Chromosome Quest and Chromosome Conspiracy, setting the stage for the Fur Girls' visit to Earth. Deinonychus tells the tale of an epic battle between Jill, Teena, and a fierce Deinonychus — The dinosaur that Spielberg mistakenly called a Velociraptor in Jurassic Park. Both stories, as well as other short stories are free to read on my web page here: My Short-stories page

A fourth book in the trilogy (Q: How do you fit four books into a trilogy?? A: You write them!!) is currently in the works under the working title "Dingy Hat" but is currently in abeyance due to my day job's demands. I do hope to resume soon, and will be recruiting beta readers. It is an origin story about "Fitz," where we meet him as a nerdy teenager, as he meets and is befriended by a mentor named "Ritz" who just happens to work for "The Agency."  We also meet other familiar characters in this prequel. Some parts of that story are on Wattpad where I posted them for early feedback. Dingy Hat on Wattpad

I have two other books in mind to write, including finishing the second edition of my massive Genealogy tome, "Gregory Family Origins" which is currently unpublished. I hope to donate copies to various genealogical libraries.

That's the scoop. Various materials, such as the aforementioned short-stories, are free to read on my site. The rest are available from links on my site to Amazon and Lulu Press, a Print-on-demand publisher. In addition to Amazon and Print on Demand, they are from Barnes & Noble and Apple Books.




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Note to all. Nathan is modest and did not really want to self-promote. Being the brute that I am, I single-handedly and despotically chose to ignore his better angels and to post his books here. By the way, Nathan, now that we know you're a prolific writer, you'll have no excuse not to post prolifically 😉

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