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Are manufacturers supporting gear?

Manufacturers' after-sales service  

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  1. 1. Broadly speaking, amateur radio gear manufacturers provide:

    • Amazing after-sales support
    • Good after-sales support
    • Average after-sales support
    • Inadequate after-sales support

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Quote from Ham Census participant:


Don’t market what you cannot provide class A aftermarket support for.

Do you agree? Are manufacturers putting out equipment but not providing sufficient support.

Another participant agreed:


Make repair service more affordable and efficient.



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are you really wanting a manf to support there product?

not just in ham radio, but most all other hobby's, and even a s&b home one can buy "new". the makers want you to just buy another unit with its way over priced costs. there is a term that goes something like this, "planed obsolescence".

after dropping a grand or lots more on a radio, it should come with a life time (yours not the unit) worth of free support. if they built it right it would cost the manf/dealers nothing. except future sales to replace said.

some parts are defective before even being placed in the radio,  some are designed to fail in X number of years. on/off cycles.

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