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Can coax and ladder line run next to each other?



I'm returning to amateur radio after years of inactivity and I've forgotten almost everything!  I'm back in to reading, studying, watching youtube videos, etc.  I am preparing to hang a ZS6BKW antenna between two trees.  the ladder line will be in my yard and I want to elevate the connected coax (RG-213) to keep it off the lawn for mowing etc.  Are there any issues if I allow the ladder line to hang down next to a PVC pipe mounted in the ground, attach the coax, and then run the coax back up the pipe to a height to run over to my roof and down into my shack?  Thanks!  I'm sure there will be plenty of additional questions 🙂 The more I study, the more I realize my ignorance.  

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Hi Tim.

I'm running out the door so I'll give you the really short answer: bad idea. Why? Simply because there is a golden rule with ladder line, keep it away from anything conductive. Most will give you a formula of two times the width. In other words, keep any conductive element, yes, even carbon fiber 🤫 away. My father had a far better rule, nothing metal parallel to the line at arms length. He was a physicist and engineer so his explanation was very lengthy, and if you'd like, I might bore you with it later. For now, as I run out the door, just don't do it. Find another solution. 

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