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Found 4 results

  1. Places: 3

    Applicants: 0

    We seek up to three Gear Reviews contributing editors. Your role would be to populate our Gear Reviews Section with items for our members to review and read about. For instance, we need more antennas, transceivers, tuners, etc. listed. This involves finding what's out there, going to the manufacturer's website, obtaining their descriptions, photos, etc. The function also requires some editing and formatting skills so that all of our Gear Review items look their best. We estimate this volunteer position to require approximately three hours of work a week.
  2. Places: 2

    Applicants: 0

    We seek up to two Link Directory contributing editors. Your role would be to populate our Link Directory section with website addresses for our members to use and comment on. For instance, we need listing of websites that offer Ham-related software such as logging, spotting, etc. We need websites that list retailers and manufacturers. We also wish to list individual Ham-related blogs and YouTube channels. This involves finding what's out there, going to the website, obtaining their About Us information and pasting it into the link so that we can faithfully describe what their site is about in their own words. Ultimately, this becomes a very valuable resource for those looking for valuable amateur radio information This volunteer function also requires some editing and formatting skills so that all of our Link Listings look their best. We estimate this volunteer position to require approximately three hours of work a week.
  3. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0

    Every year, thousands of public events worldwide attract runners, fair and parade goers, or sports fans. Many of these events need communications. Ham Community is building a roster of amateur radio operators interested in providing public service support in their neighborhood, in their region, or even around the world. By filling out the following application form you commit to nothing, you are simply providing enough information so that when you volunteer for an event, the event organizers know enough about you to assign you to the proper task. In addition to this form, you may be asked to fill out specific 'per event' forms.
  4. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 0

    Ham Community hopes to become a center for excellence in amateur radio, a place that all Hams associate with reliable knowledge, great insight, a desire to innovate, and the courage to push boundaries. To do so we need people who want to learn, and people who have the knowledge and desire to teach or share. The latter are what we call Experts and Elmers. To become a Ham Community Expert Elmer requires some testing and some time engaging in the community. We would like to know you and know what you know. Unlike a license exam, our criteria for becoming an Expert Elmer is to have knowledge of the highest level. To apply, you will need to do two things (in any order). You must fill out this application form You must take the Experts & Elmers quizzes here. Prerequisites and instructions are clearly listed.
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