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  • Welcome to Ham Community

    This page is first step to understanding the Community. It aims to tell you what we do, why we do it, and how you can make the most of your time here.

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    Let's get started.

    About Us

    Ham Community is an online forum intended to foster conversation, camaraderie, and collaboration among amateur radio operators worldwide. Our goal is to actively encourage individual hams, and amateur radio clubs, to exchange views, to jointly organize events, and to otherwise do things together. HAMs are often loners, we operate from the depths of our shack or the top of a summit. And yet, we have so much to share. Let's be aggressive about sharing. Let's encourage our Elmers to show newcomers the way. Let's encourage individuals to join clubs. Let's get on the emergency communications and public service bandwagon. Let's become increasingly active. Our hobby and amateur radio writ large, depend on us.


    This is how our content is divided


      Give & Take :: Forums  

    This is the heart of the Community, use it to discuss, learn, and share! Note that the Forums are also our Ham Community Homepage! If you click the Main Content tab on the upper left of the menu bar, or the main Ham Community logo at the top of any page, it will always take you back to the Forums.

    A very useful tool to use when browsing through the forums is the Shortcuts section. There you will discover many 'filters' to allow you to view the latest content, content you have not read since your last visit, content that you started, and many others. Generally, the Shortcuts section is a great place to start every time you come back to the Community.



      Team Up :: Clubs  

    Hams thrive on clubs. Amateur radio clubs fuel the hobby. If you are a club leader, use Ham Community as your club web presence; all the tools are free! If you are a club member, enjoy the club discussion forums, calendar, image gallery, blog, downloads sections for articles of constitution, etc., and your very own links section to create links to various useful websites.

    Ham Community Clubs


      Give & TakeGear Reviews  

    We've got them! If you don't find the gear you are looking for, just click Add Item. It will not appear right away because one of our moderators will take a look at it, format it, add some additional content and then post it for you, and all others to review.

    Ham Community Gear Reviews


      Give & TakeLinks Directory  

    While our hobby is geared to the airwaves, we have definitely taken advantage of the internet. The Links Directory is your growing guide to what's out there, no holds barred. We link to everyone that is related to HAM radio in a positive way.

    Ham Community Links Directory


      Give & TakeImage Galleries  

    That's an obvious one. Note that some members can create their very own gallery while others are limited to posting images in the general categories.

    Ham Community Ham Galleries


      Give & TakeCalendars  

    So much to do, and so little time. Our goal is to list the top events, nets, hamfests, etc. in both North America and around the world. If you would like to add an event, go ahead, then a moderator will review it.

    Ham Community Calendars


      News & Editorials / Ham Com Magazine  

    The future of in-depth writing. This is not a section for tidbits. We see Ham Com Magazine as a medium with selective, high-quality, vetted content. We expect our authors to be experts in their field, to cite sources when relevant, and to adhere to the highest standards of journalism.



      News & Editorials / Blogs  

    While the forum is for discussion, and Ham Com Magazine is for curated content, the Blogs are for recognized amateur radio opinion leaders. If you would like to have a blog and can meet our requirements, please contact us, we would love to have you on board.

    Ham Community Blogs


      Give & Take / Downloads  

    Over the next several months and years, this section will continue to amass instruction manuals, manufacturers' brochures, FCC documents, and all sorts of useful information for the community. If you have something you feel should be up there, make sure you submit a file.

    Ham Community Downloads


      Support / Support Requests  

    Still need guidance? If so, don't hesitate to submit a Support Request!

    Ham Community Support



         These are our member categories     



    • Guest are unregistered visitors or registered members who have not signed in.
    • Several parts of the community are not visible to Guests.



    • When you first register on the site, you become a member.
    • Membership is free.
    • Members gain access to most of the site; there are really very few parts of the site that are reserved for other member groups.
    • Members are, however, limited in the number of images they can upload, messages they can send, etc. Those limits are still very generous.
    • Members receive additional privileges as they post more. They also receive achievement badges, notably in the form of +5db, +10db, +15db, +20db, +25db.



      QRO Members  

    • QRO Members are members with higher privileges (see below).
    • Their limits are higher: they can post more content, post bigger images, store it all longer, search more often, etc.
    • Currently, QRO Membership is free. If ever QRO membership is no longer free, current QRO Members will remain free for life.
    • Members become QRO Members when they achieve a given, unrevealed level of posts, with a good reputation; so post away!
      • Early members – those who join while the Community is still small — will become QRO members more quickly. As the Community grows, criteria for becoming a QRO Member will be revised upwards.



      Experts & Elmers  

    • Experts & Elmers are members with a high and proven knowledge of Amateur Radio, electronics, propagation and other related fields.
    • To become Experts & Elmers, Members have to pass a series of quizzes that allow Ham Community staff to ascertain their level of knowledge. As a result, when they give their opinion or counsel, there is a high degree of confidence that it is well-founded in expertise and/or experience.



      Link Owners  

    • Our Links Directory features links to multiple useful sites. The links are posted by Members or Ham Community Staff.
    • When properly identified, the owner of a featured website (or its company or organization) can 'claim' the link and manage it. By doing so, Link Owners can add information, images, links, and other content to make the link more attractive.
    • Packages are available for Link Owners who wish to promote their link's position in the Links Directory.


      Club Leadership  

    • Clubs are a cornerstone of Ham Community.
    • Each Club must have at least one designated 'Leader'.
    • Clubs can have more than one designated leader. Usually, these leaders are the current club officers such as President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary
    • Club Leaders have the permission levels to make changes to the Club details in a way that members cannot.



    • Backer status is given to those who have financially, or otherwise, supported the development and growth of Ham Community.
    • We are truly grateful for their support!




    • Though mostly volunteer, Moderators are considered Ham Community Staff.
    • They are authorized to approve or reject content.
    • Moderators also have the ability to suspend members who do not respect Ham Community Guidelines.
    • They can recommend that a member be expelled from the community though that decision rests with Administrators.
    • Members who are very active in the community are often asked to become Moderators so as to better help other members to post relevant and useful content.




    • Administrators control the direction and ambiance within Ham Community.
    • They have the ability to cancel membership.
    • They are also responsible for support and software development.



  • Join us!

    Welcome to Ham Community

    Ham Community is a brand new space built by a group of amateur radio operators looking for a place where conversation, camaraderie, and collaboration stood above all else. We were also looking for a place where Experts and Elmers could share their knowledge.

    We found neither, so we decided to build Ham Community. And, while we were at it, we thought we would add a few more unique features!

    Ham Community is for us — HAMs — it's here to help us talk amongst ourselves about our hobby, our gear, our experiments. It is not a club or association. In fact, Ham Community actually serves clubs. Our mission includes building the best possible tool for clubs. Ham Community provides amateur radio clubs with private discussion forums, blogs, private or public calendars, photo albums, if they choose – a tool to charge their membership dues, even the ability to sell fundraising items.

    Going forward, Ham Community will grow using feedback from its members, that is, after all, what a community is all about. We hope that you will join us!

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