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Ham Community is seeking members who wish to become Elmers. Obtaining the Elmer qualification requires meeting the high standards we are setting for Ham Elmers and Ham Community. Your status will then help members to recognize you as a more trusted source of guidance and opinion.

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  1. Elmers

    Ham Elmers and Ham Community hope to become centers of excellence in amateur radio, a place that all Hams associate with reliable knowledge, great insight, a desire to innovate, and the courage to push boundaries. To do so we need people who want to learn, and people who have the knowledge and desire to teach or share.
    To become a Ham Community Elmer requires applicants to meet certain conditions. We would like to know you and know what you know and whether you are willing to actively share. Being a ham Elmer or ham Expert is not about knowing more than the others, it's about wanting to share all that one knows with those who could use a helping hand.
    If you are willing to help others, at the very least by simply by answering their questions, by giving them good advice, by sharing your own experiences, and who knows, maybe you're willing to go that extra meter and give talks, produce tutorials or otherwise be a part of something bigger, then join us. 
    For now, what we ask is that all those who want to join The Elmers' Circle, meet at least one of the following criteria:

    Have published a peer-reviewed article in Ham Journal Have published a high-quality feature article in QST, CQ, QEX or other publication that the board may, at their discretion, deem acceptable Have successfully completed the Elmer Qualification Quizzes Or, possess a recognized body of work and accomplishments in the greater field of amateur radio Just one of these suffice.
    To know more about The Elmers' Circle, you may visit the Circle's club page here.

    Position: Elmer

    Number of places: Unlimited


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