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Ham Community
RF Connection is proud to co-sponsor Ham Community and its members – keeping it free of advertising clutter – right up to the end of June 2021.

Say thank you by visiting their website or special Ham Community page.


Ham Community is seeking members who wish to become Elmers. Obtaining the Elmer qualification requires passing a test to ensure you meet the high standards we are setting for Ham Community. Your status will then help members to recognize you as a more trusted source of guidance and opinion.

1 Application

  1. Elmer

    Ham Community hopes to become a center for excellence in amateur radio, a place that all Hams associate with reliable knowledge, great insight, a desire to innovate, and the courage to push boundaries. To do so we need people who want to learn, and people who have the knowledge and desire to teach or share.
    To become a Ham Community Elmer requires some testing and some time engaging in the community. We would like to know you and know what you know.
    To apply, you will need to do these things (in this order).
    Have been a member of Ham Community for 30 days Have posted at least five times Fill out this application form Finally, take the three Elmers quizzes here and pass with a cumulative score of 175% (more detailed explanations are given on the quizzes page)

    Position: Elmer

    Number of places: 25

    Applicants: 0


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