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  • Frequently asked questions by new community members

    • Who is Ham Community for, and why was it created?

      Ham Community was built by amateur radio operators for amateur radio operators, clubs, associations, manufacturers, resellers, and service providers. We were looking for a place where conversation, camaraderie, and collaboration stood above all else. Sure, we should have gear reviews, a links directory, even a calendar, but above all, Ham Community had to be a place to 'join forces' in a constructive and useful manner.

      It also had to be a place where entry to mid-level operators could converse with experts and elmers. Ham Community strives to offer direct dialogue with these experts. Our goal is to provide advice from validated and recognized experts and elmers. 

      Ham Community is not a club or association. In fact, Ham Community actually serves clubs. Our mission includes offering clubs the best possible tools, all for free. Basically, each participating amateur radio club gets their own blogs, forums, calendars, photo galleries, and – if they choose to – a tool to charge their membership dues, or even the ability to sell fundraising items.

      Ham Community is also the creator of Ham Census (https://hamcensus.org), Ham Volunteers (https://hamvolunteers.org) along with several other tools and applications.

      Going forward, Ham Community will grow using feedback from its members, that is, after all, what a community is all about.

      We hope that you will join us! If you already have, great to have you on board!

    • Does Ham Community have a strict privacy policy?

      We absolutely do. As amateur radio operators we are keenly aware of the public nature of our hobby. Anyone can listen in on a QSO and our FCC data is public record. But that is no reason that any content on this Community should be unsecure, quite the contrary. We aggressively defend what little information we keep and we never, as you will see in our privacy policy, sell or even share any data. That is simply not our model, period.

      We do not share, ever, ever, ever.

      We invite you to read through our comprehensive privacy policy. It'll take you a few minutes but it's well worth it.

    • Does Ham Community have guidelines or can I post whatever I want?

      Ham Community has a strict set of guidelines posted separately on our Guidelines page (see link below). We encourage all our members to read these guidelines. Failure to comply with them could result in removal of content or revocation of membership.

      Why are we so strict?

      Communities, forums, social media and comment sections can quickly degenerate into argumentative, even aggressive spaces. That's not who we are. We are here for everyone who loves amateur radio, period. We don't care, and nor should you, if you are pro-this or anti-that. This is not the place to air that laundry. This is the place to talk about propagation, antennas, the latest linear amplifier, or the amazing mouse pad you bought from Ham Boutique. Failure to comply has very simple consequences...


    • Can I contribute to Ham Community?

      We could definitely use your help. For what we do, there are too few of us.

      Ham Community depends on goodwill. We need people to do a variety of tasks, especially as we grow.

      We need help populating our Links Directory by seeking out websites that fit into our categories. Then post those links. We need to populate our Calendar with both hamfests and contests. There are multiple sources, including clubs directly. We will share our vision on how to best do this. We need help to insert items for review in our Gear Reviews section. We need Elmers. We could also use a couple of moderators and administrators.

      And there is more. The bottom line is that we are a community by HAMs for HAMs so to succeed we need HAM involvement. We try to keep the list up to date here: https://hamcommunity.com/staffapplications/

      Thank you!




    • LICENSED OPERATORS: Use your callsign / Please use uppercase letters only.
      • Right: K3MRI
      • Wrong: k3mri
    • UNLICENSED: Use your first name, first letter capitalized, immediately followed by two numbers.
      • Right: Jim01
      • Wrong: jim01, JIM01, Jim 01, Jim 1


    • Visible vs. Hidden: We take privacy seriously. Please note which fields are visible and which are not. These are clearly marked below the relevant fields.
    • Required vs. Optional: Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

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