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  1. There will be no online ZOOM meeting this month. All are encouraged to join individually in the VA QSO Party (20-21 March)
  2. Join Chapter 91 members as we welcome Ken Oelke, VE6AFO the President of the Quarter Century Wireless Association meeting via Zoom. The URL link is: https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09 Ken will discuss the plans and vision for the Association, as well as examples of best practices from other Chapters.
  3. Join QCWA Ch 91 members for our first meeting of the new year on Saturday January 16th at 1130 via Zoom. Kerry, WA4BQM will join us again to talk about solar impacts on HF propagation, and updates on the Solar Cycle 25. The Zoom link is: https://zoom.us/j/968580533
  4. Monthly Meeting details coming. https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09
  5. W4CLK


    Annual Holiday Party via ZOOM at https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09
  6. W4CLK


    Tour of the amateur radio station at Heritage Hunt over 50 retirement center. This meeting will also be our annual Election of Officers. via ZOOM https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09
  7. Our Sunday Net meets every week at 9:00 am on 146.685 (neg offset, 110.9 Hz CTCSS). All are welcome.
  8. This will be our annual Holiday Party. (probably on Zoom - more to follow)
  9. We will virtually visit the Heritage Hunt Retirement over 50 community and tour the Heritage Hunt Amateur Radio Club facility. This meeting will also be our election of officers.
  10. Our October ZOOM meeting will begin at !!:30 and our featured speaker will be Lee Garlock - KD4RE (radio engineer). He will give us the ins and outs of Software Defined Radio (SDR).. Is this the new wave for ham radio?
  11. Our September monthly meeting, on Saturday, Sep 19th starting at 1130, will again be via Zoom, and the link to join is: https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09 We are co-hosting the meeting w/ the Vienna Wireless Society, so we should have a great crowd. We cancelled the formal program, by Professor Marconi himself who was planning to present 87 fuzzy black and white vu graphs describing, using differential equations (and quantum theory), how the ionosphere works (whoa). Instead, I understand the VWSers are going to show off their Shacks during lunch, in kinda a “SHACK CRAWL”. If we run out of shacks to crawl through, I’d like to open the topic of “what it means to be a ham radio operator in the 21st century!” It might be interesting to hear the thoughts of the multi-generational group. As a virtual picnic, it’s “Bring your own Burger or Brat” day. Of course you can fix your own, order via Doordash from Micky-D, or for that matter contract the talented QCWA Ch 91 cooks to cater your lunch. Looking forward to our meetings for the rest of the year: please mark your calendars for October 17th, where Lee will discuss Software Defined Radios, and November 21st, where Tim Tatum, K6SLK will describe his journey to establish a vibrant ham radio club at the Heritage Hunt 55+ community. We also need to have elections of new officers in November. If anybody wishes to volunteer for a club position, drop me an email. Our December meeting is usually your holiday party … more to follow on our December mtg.
  12. We will once again meet on zoom. Exploring alternative solutions for operating a HF station from retirement communities, assisted living locations and other locations dictated by elder living adjustments. We will learn about some specific solutions available in local retirement and similar situations. We may all have to adjust to a different hamshack situation at sometime. Our meeting will discuss a few solutions. Zoom link is: https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09
  13. For June 20th: the title is: “Making Contacts via Digital Mobile Radio” Ben, N4CV will return to QCWA and re-introduce us to the power and flexibility of Digital Mobile Radio. Bring your DMR and join the list of contacts to be made. If your DMR isn’t set up, let us before hand by contacting Mike at aimonema@aol.com. See you all at 1130 via Zoom! The Zoom link is: https://zoom.us/j/968580533?pwd=QUJPWHh2ZWpOcW9TNVdyUjdFMWw2QT09 and need be, the Meeting ID is: 968 580 533, and password is Rg57c7C0Ck
  14. We had planned for our first ever Spring Picnic but --- now in May we will once again meet electronically on Zoom. Details will be forwarded to members by email in May. Our discussion topic is — Operating Abroad. Participants will share their experiences with getting licensed and operating outside the United States, what gear they used, antennas and personal experiences. Our April meeting on Zoom was a success with a nice group of check-ins -- some regular luncheon attendees and several folks we have not seen for awhile due to distance or other reasons. It was wonderful to have everyone's participation. So look for that email and we all hope to see you healthy and happy in May.
  15. Our April 18th meeting will be held via Zoom Meeting, courtesy of VWS, and their Zoom Meeting account. We will send each of you a link that you can click and it will bring you directly into the meeting "waiting room". We will use Zoom for April and May and revisit then regarding if it's safe to venture back to Glory Days in June and beyond. If you don't receive an email please contact Mike at: aimonema <at> aol <dot> com. Our meeting on Saturday, April 18th, at 1130am will be presented by Roy Schmieesing on "Exploring Local Higher Educational Opportunities." There is NO meeting at Glory Days in April and May!
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