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  1. Tom, Is the D4D kit you're talking about the one this site sells? http://crkits.com/ Thanks
  2. Linux preferred, but if there's an incredible Windows package, then let's hear about it. I would love to have a combined normal log and contest logger application, (e.g. create separate logs for contest periods) but I don't know if anything like that exists.
  3. Mine is to get back into the hobby after a nearly 20 year hiatus. I've visited my local club (SVARC) and will be submitting an application at the next meeting. My wife bought me a new IC-7300 and I'm setting up my shack this weekend. Hope to be on the air to catch the RTTY Contest.
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    So, a few days ago I got this awesome card in the mail from Jim, K3MRI! Thanks so much Jim and the rest of the guys at hamcommunity.com! Really made my day.
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