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  1. For DV to be appealing it needs to be easy to implement, offer advantages over analog, and be inexpensive. So which DV system does one choose? DV is a digital mode. The underlying issue with all digital modes is that the A/D and D/A conversions have to implimented either: 1. on a computer which is seperate from the radio, or else 2. they have to be an embedded system within the radio. So which of these 2 models is the most practical to impliment for your applications and which implimentation will meet the criterions. The answer to this question will influence which DV
  2. Hey Ham Community, this is an automated post on behalf of our new member: NN0M, On behalf of Ham Community, let's give NN0M a warm welcome. NN0M, we encourage you to browse around and get to know the Community's many sections. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, as with all things HAM, we all love to give advice 😎 For everyone's information, NN0M joined on the 04/09/20; this is their profile: View Member.
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