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  1. Hi guys, Thanks so much for the input. I guess since the introduction of SDR and in particular, RTL-SDR dongles, which can be used with certain plug-ins for the likes of SDR# to give VERY fast scanning facilities, most of the radio scanning hardware has now truly become redundant. I have had some form of scanner, mostly portable in my possession since 1981 and always kept up to date with the hardware. But with an investment of €20/$20 or so, you can have quite a highly featured scanner on a computer. I am able to monitor both analog and digital, the only analog still really operational are the old stalwarts like aeronautical, marine and of course amateur radio. Here in Ireland, there used to be a great and very active scanning community, sharing frequencies as there was never, and still never availability of frequency data published by the regulator. So it was the thrill of the hunt that kept the hobby alive. Of course there was a big cross-over between ham radio and scanning, but both now sadly in decline. Still, I remain hopeful and am personally never too far from some form of receiver, either at home, work or just out and about!! Thanks again for the input, 73 Brian EI8EJB
  2. Hi all, Once upon a time, most people interested in radio would have used or at least possessed a radio scanner to listen in to the usual traffic. Is there anyone still monitoring the airwaves or has the dramatic migration of business radio to digital killed off the interest? If you are still using scanners, what do you currently listen to? I would be very curious to know. Also please be aware of the current legislation and Statutory Instrument that covers the use of radio receivers in the Republic of Ireland. Thanks, 73 Brian EI8EJB
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