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  1. K3CPK

    Welcome K3CPK

    UAS is located in Severn, MD. We're about a mile south of BWI. The ham club is just a small part of a large hacker/maker community. I'll send you a message in a few days to start to process of creating a page for the club.
  2. I did a quick write up here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/crazy-ham-radio-install.166237/#post-4015648 That's with the stock Kerberos SDR software. I'm working on some of my own stuff and will probably write a whole blog post about it once I'm further along in the project. That array is good for DFing from about 100 to 200 MHz. I can add more mount point for the antennas closer to the center of the plate to adjust that range higher as needed.
  3. Phase Interferometry setup on a Tesla Model S
  4. Phase Interferometry setup on a Tesla Model S
  5. K3CPK

    Welcome K3CPK

    Hello! I had a good discussion about this platform with Jim, K3MRI, yesterday at CARAfest. I look forward to seeing it expand. I've been a ham since 2013, but I've had electronics as a hobby since middle school in 2006. Most of my ham related projects involve working with Software Defined Radio, mostly using GNU Radio. I've got more SDR hardware than I can keep track of. Everything from the popular RTL-SDR all the way up to the Apache Labs ANAN-200D. My typical GOTA gear includes the ANAN-200D mentioned above with a Hustler 4 band vertical, and a KX2 for portable ops. Some projects people might find interesting include a web based Field Day logger, experiments with combining FT8 and SDR, and I am currently doing a lot of work with the Kerberos SDR platform, expanding it into a geographically distributed DF platform. I also help run Unallocated Space ARC, W3UAS. I hope to create a club page for UAS on this site. 73, Corey
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