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About Me

My messy (but much used) shack. How do I know it's messy? I know because I am reminded of it daily by the boss! 

K3MRI Shack.jpg

Communicator. Filmmaker. Photographer. Senior Policy Advisor. Amateur Radio Operator. Military officer. Pilot. Adventure biker. Husband and dad.

As far as Amateur Radio is concerned, my current favorite activity is field operating. I recently drove up the Dempster Highway, as far as Tuktoyaktuk, on my motorcycle, in part to be able to operate from the far North. I regularly go on outings with four other HAMs, usually in the Virginia/Maryland region.

Some of my planned trips include another trip up to the Labrador, another one down to Cape Hateras, and definitely another trip up to Alaska/Yukon/NWT.

I currently only have one HF rig, a Yaesu 891 that is permanently installed in my Jeep. To have more fun, I have an RMItaly amp, yes in the car, that on a good day will give me ±350 watts.

My greatest joy is my antennas. I love building wire antennas of all types. I also like to mix and match in the field sometimes setting up as many as five antennas. Obviously, before doing so I do my homework with EZNEC.

Future rigs? My wallet is my only obstacle. But funds permitting, I do have a list of about five goodies. I won't share them for now, but suffice it to say that I'm saving up!


Embarking on the Alaska Highway in 2018

First biker to ever ride up the Dempster all the way to Tuk

On another one of our annual Assateague HAM outings

With the woman who makes it all happen!

Last two points. I'm a photographer and videographer. If you'd like to check out some of my work: https://art.excessnoise.com

Also, if you'd like to check out my novel, I posted a shameless plug here: 




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