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  1. K3MRI

    Icom IC-7100?

    I know where you live!! Hmm... methinks this might cost you... 😈
  2. K3MRI

    Icom IC-7100?

    You're asking the wrong two people 😁 @KW4TO and I do lots of portable operating. A go-system is a given for us!!
  3. I have a leadership MCM meeting this weekend. I'll come back with some news. You know, if every single person were respectful of the other, we could do so much more. The problem is, people want the freedom without the responsibility so we end up contaminating each other. Apparently, one of our field day teammates, the only one who chose to come without a mask, flaunting it no less, just sent out an email telling us all he tested positive. Fortunately for me, I kept very very far away from him, but regardless... unacceptable. Anyway, back to topic, let's see what happens with MCM.
  4. K3MRI

    Icom IC-7100?

    Let's see if I can get @W4DOI or @KW4TO to chime in? They both have 7100's and have used them in the field. My only beef with them in the field is that the 7100 has an awkward shape. Another option is the upcoming ICOM 705 but it's a QRP and QRPp rig with a max of 10W 😞 And then there's my HF rig, the Yaesu 891, I love its TX/RX capabilities. The menus take a bit of getting used to and, unfortunately, it's HF only. But I love it. The real question is the phrase: 'disconnect and go'. Does that mean on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or car. If it's car, then the sky's the limit. If it's anything less, then weight and size, obviously, become a consideration...
  5. Hey Lind. At least you got out and tried a new setup. Good on ya! I think that in our case, we were a little over-ambitious considering the circumstances. It was a hot, tough, long day. Next year I'm thinking of goin 1C and operating from my car alone. To be decided and continued...
  6. Hi Tom. It's actually far easier than you think. For one, the RM Italy 305V won't fry, it'll just cut at 10W in. If you give it 11 W, it cuts, period. I'd love to show you how I have it wired up in my car, it's sweet. I have two buttons labeled QRP and QRO. The QRP just PTTs the TXC. When the amp does not receive a PTT, it just lets the signal bypass, so I can tx up to 100W without the amp. If I want to go QRO, I reduce my TXC power to 10W and hit my QRO button which activates both my TXC and my RM Italy... sweet. I'm actually going to transmit my first car signal this Saturday at 8:30 AM from Gaithersburg. I'll be getting on 80M to join the Cherry Tree Net (regional net on 3920). If you'd like to see my setup, glad to meet up (social distancing, of course). Otherwise, I can take some photos and show you. As for shots of Alan and James' rigs, I think we have some on the site somewhere. I'm going to look for them. I'll also ask @W4DOI and @W3JRD to post some of their own, if they have any. In their case, they drive the amp with a 7300. I used to, but I sold it. Like I said above, I'm thinking of testing out the Icom 705 when it finally arrives. **Edit** Here you go. Alan's is the first setup, and James is shots two and three.
  7. Welcome to the new Official Sotabeams Community space. This is not intended as a support desk. Sotabeams will not be providing direct product support in this thread. This community's goal is to share ideas, share solutions, share experiences. It is a work in progress; expect changes and improvements as we grow. Our goal is to engage with our loyal supporters and give them a place to share their passion for the outdoor aspect of amateur radio worldwide. Martin - CEO, Sotabeams Jim - Co-founder, Ham Community
  8. The premier supplier of outdoor operating gear is Sotabeams. Why not join the Sotabeams club and start discussing their products, maybe give them ideas or shoot them a compliment?
  9. How did you fare during Field Day 2020? Did you meet up? Did you operate portable? Did you go 1D? As for myself, we ended up in the field. I operated with the Randalstown/NIH group at Washington Monument State Park. We operated under N3IC as a 3A. We practiced mask-wearing, most of us, anyway. We did have one rogue, but he was respectful of distancing. I feel confident that we were safe. Setup-wise, I attempted to setup my 40-meter, four-element, wire beam but I was not as successful as I would have hoped. Many lessons learned for next year 🥴
  10. Hey Skip. For 'now' the word is that it is on. I was on a meeting with Howard, who runs the ham portion of it, and the current status was a Go. Obviously, things may change. If you were to ask me, off-the-record 🙄 I think the lockdown is going to last through the winter. As numbers are going... we're going to easily jump the summer gap and roll right into flu season. I told my wife that she won't be back at work until March...
  11. Hi Tom. That I know of, the main readily available option is the FTDX101MP. It pumps out 200W. I've finally gone another route. I just installed an RMItaly 305V amplifier. What I really like about it, and I'm not the only one, Alan and James use it as well, is that it can pump out upwards of 300W with only 10W in, which is far far better than the Ameritron option. I have the whole thing set up in my car. I'm currently exciting it with a Yaesu 891, but if the new Icom 705 QRP and QRPp rig turns out to be good, I might switch it out. The 705 puts out 10W which happens to be the max allowable input into the RM Italy 305V. Price-wise, you'll come out at the same cost. Of course, the only problem is size and weight. The 480 was acceptably compact for a 200W rig. Neither the Yaesu 101 solution, or any exciter plus the linear will be that size. So the question is really whether you're looking to install it in a 'box' or built into the vehicle, as I have it. This said, both Alan and James have built the 305V into boxes. If you decide to explore that route, I'll get @W4DOI and @W3JRD to post some images of their boxes. Hope this helps.
  12. At this point, it's evident that most people want some kind of online testing... I'm wondering who besides the Anchorage group is now actually offering online testing?
  13. K3MRI


    Sotabeam winders in their element. They're sooo happy!!
    • 3.51 MB
    • 1340x1005
  14. Just got another shipment of winders. They won't look like this for long!
    • 1.32 MB
    • 600x800
  15. If this is a civilian's vehicle, he needs a quick intervention. Wow. Imagine describing the vehicle to your insurance company. Year? Make? Model?
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