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  1. Hey Anthony. First a link to a book I love: http://www.arrl.org/shop/Antenna-Physics-An-Introduction-2nd-Edition/ There are hundreds of books on antennas but what I love about this one is that it approaches it from the purest physics standpoint. Now for the answer(s). Option 1: I bore you with the physics of electrical length, impedance, etc. all the things that 'generate' the wave or signal from the antenna. Option 2: I use the metaphor my dad used when I asked him the same question in ±when I was was having my crisis transition from Fruit Loops to Captain Crunch
  2. PERFECTION MASTER LIND!!! I love it when my young Padawans become Jedi Masters!
  3. K3MRI


    So, first off, I like the explanation. Well done and appreciated. However, now we need a command decision. I'm preparing something really nice for Ham Community and this QRI question needs a decision. We agree that no one in his right mind would respond to a QRI with 1-2-3? Right? I wouldn't. I would instinctively use a scale of 9. However, if anyone looks up a QRI definition, for now they'll find 1-2-3. So, do we change the world, or just lazily drift along in the raft of habit?
  4. It's a conspiracy 🙄 Years ago, Goo Gone made a deal with 3M. Make your velcro adhesive max-disgusting and we'll swoop in. Obviously I jest, but yes Anthony, I agree, velcro goo is the worst. I'll try to remember to take some photos today, but I have the heads of my Icom 5100 and Yaesu 891 mounted on the end of a flexible goose neck that attaches to the front left bolt of the passenger seat rail. Maria occasionally bumps into the setup but overall it's clean and holds well. Again, will try to post a photo or video later today.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A well produced map (ICOM) showing both the ITU and the CQ DX Zones of the world.
  6. K3MRI


    Hi Lind. So, looked it up in several Q-code listings and they all have the same QRI definition (see image). Thoughts?? Jim
  7. K3MRI


    I know. But this is the definition that I got from some official source. I can’t look it up right now, I’ll do it later tonight or tomorrow and post the link.
  8. Welcome Tyssen. Glad to have you aboard.
  9. Well, we can agree on one thing, hams are creative, 🤗 we always find workarounds.
  10. K3MRI


    A question that may remain unanswered. I direct it mostly at CW ops because we use Q-codes more than talkers 😇🥰 QRI?? Depending on the source of your definition, it broadly asks the question: "How is the tone of my transmission"? The answers I have found seem to agree that 1=Good, 2=Variable and 3=Bad. In every other evaluation scale in ham radio, the higher the number, the better, not the worse. 5/9 means what it means; it's better than 2/6. So why is QRI in reverse order? Anyone have any idea?
  11. I’m of no use to this conversation because I’ve sold my ICOMs, but the application does look promising, and it’s open source!! I don’t want to hijack the thread, but I have a question for you Mike. Is the output, including the waterfall, in full HD resolution (1080) or not? I looked on their site and could not find the answer. That would be a game changer considering the lower resolution of the output on, for example, the 7610. **Edit** Just looked at parts of the video you posted. Sure looks full HD. And to boot, it seems super responsive.
  12. HI Anthony. Great question. First let me answer the talk-around question, and then let me come back to the first part of the post. Talk around is two things to different people. By that I mean that it has adopted two meanings. To many, believe or not, it simply means to get onto a simplex frequency. This is typical of people who constantly use a repeater for comms and now want to talk directly outside the repeater pair. This is also called ‘going direct’. Then you have the more technically accepted term of talk-around, notably used by two (or more) people who are near a repeater but
  13. Welcome Charlie. Great to have you on board!
  14. Great to have you on board Franco. Go VWS!
  15. Welcome Stanley! Great to have you aboard this new adventure aka Ham Community.
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