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    Welcome to a repository of amateur radio talks. These are not just YouTube videos, they are videos intended to be used as talks by clubs (of course anyone can watch them here as well).

    Important notes:

    1. The section is new, so for now just create your file in the To Be Filed folder. We will reassign them based on your content. If we have doubts, we will reach back out to you.
    2. For this section, we only use videos posted on YouTube. Please copy the YouTube share URL for your video and paste it into the appropriate field.
    3. If in addition to posting selected, high-quality talks you wish to promote your entire YouTube channel, you may do so here: https://hamcommunity.com/links/category/21-youtube-channels/

    We welcome suggestions on making this a better experience.

Recorded Talks


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    For now, just place your video in this category. We will start creating new categories and new videos come in and move your video into the best suited category afterwards.

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