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What is PlanetCalc?

Planetcalc is a free online calculator collection.


Planetcalc contains 736 online calculators. You can leave a new online calculator request here. If you describe your requirements in detail, one of Planetcalc’s authors can create the calculator for you. Any Planetcalc online calculator can be installed on your website.

Planetcalc authors

47636 users registered on Planetcalc. 124 of them became authors. To become a Planetcalc author, please provide one of the following:

  • Create a new calculator.
  • Write a calculator description article.
  • Translate the calculator, article or site interface into (or from) a foreign language.
Here you can find information about a new calculator development..

Our plans

  • Implement more online calculators.
  • Improve calculator editor.
  • Translate site interface into other languages.
  • Create Android and iOS applications.

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