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Hi, I’m Tamitha Skov and I stare at the Sun a lot. I am a credentialed space weather forecaster and I have been helping the public understand the effects of Space Weather on our daily lives since 2013.  I work primarily in the fields of solar and space physics research and in the testing of spacecraft materials in realistic space radiation environments. But my forecasting work as the “Space Weather Woman” is widely known on social media such as You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook and you may have caught me on several television shows for The Weather Channel and The History Channel. I have also been featured in Popular Science Magazine.

Thanks to social media like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, TWiT TV, and Periscope, I have helped nurture a vibrant Space Weather community of 50,000+ people, and growing. These people range from astronauts and satellite operators, to civil and military auxiliary radio operators, GPS specialists, scientists, and of course, aurora photographers. All of these people are affected by space weather on a daily basis, but they are not the only ones. The need to know how we all are being impacted is becoming urgent.  As this community has grown, the people in it have become my extended family. I strive to keep everyone informed and connected to each other and to the spectacular events the Sun sends our way.  In turn, they then spread the word about how Space Weather affects their lives.  I’d be delighted if you would join us.


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