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OMISS, or O.M. International Sideband Society, has been operating list-type awards nets on the General Amateur bands since 1981. Want to get your WAS quickly? This is a great place to get it done. Do you like to work lots of stations for unique awards? We have several challenging awards to work for, each with an attractive certificate to hang on your wall. Do you like contesting? We hold an annual QSO Party and invite the whole Amateur community. More information is available in our information brochure.

To apply for membership, you must first work or be worked by any two members during any OMISS Net. 
Once this requirement is met, you can apply for membership by using one of two methods:

Method 1 - Apply By U.S. Mail: Fill out an application (Click to Download Application) and send a check (one-time fee for life, not annually recurring) for $10.00 along with a copy of your log info concerning those two contacts to: 

OMISS Membership
Peter Mann -- KF5RD
722 South 138 East Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74108

Method 2 - Apply Online: Applications and fees may be submitted electronically.

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