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Hello and welcome to my site! I’ve been W3DVX ever since the mid-1950s, and now doing more bench work than operating on the air.

You’ve probably come because you have amateur-radio equipment that needs to be built or serviced. This is the right place! I’ve been building radios ever since the first Heathkits, only now the equipment is smaller and does a lot more. I primarily work on the older ones: they’re the ones that need TLC!

In addition to K1, K2 repairs and tuneups, I can also rescue a building project you might have started some time ago. They’re still out there.

Now doing K3 updating mods to legacy K3’s. See list of updates you might want at https://elecraft.com/pages/mods-notes-alerts  (Click on “Retired Products”) 

K3 calibration and configuration is also available.

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