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At the beginning of 2018, a series of radio amateur friends from the Maresme and La Selva areas began to meet to share concerns, including sharing our knowledge on the subject of amateur radio, electronics, computers and the creation of antennas.

The name was decided: Friends of Radio Selvamar.

After a short time, and seeing that there was almost no written information in an agglutinated or centralized way, reference to activities, novelties, news, interviews, tutorials, anecdotes, knowledge and others, it was decided to proceed with the creation of a Magazine that encompasses the most of the concerns related to the world of Amateur Radio.

From that moment on, two of the components of that Association began writing and publishing a magazine: “SELVAMAR NOTICIAS MAGAZINE”, which was completely separated from the Association (Radioclub).

We are aware that when we talk about radio amateurs, we are branded as something out of date, nothing could be further from the truth, it is a hobby that lasts over time and that emerges in cases of catastrophes.

At this time when technology invades us daily, we believe that amateur radio can provide a series of values such as friendship, collaboration, fellowship and a series of principles that today's society is losing.

Code to link to the featured website

ciutadans 4, Tordera, Barcelona, 08490, Spain

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