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"GOTAhams Amateur Radio Club (WG6OTA) was born on the idea of being a “radio active” club. One night a handful of friends came together with a mutual passion for ham radio to talk about what they’d like to see in a ham radio club. From that discussion, the “GOTAhams” radio club came together in three days. Our club serves the Inland Empire of Southern California. It’s our goal as a club to create hands on environments on a regular basis to get our members familiar with operating an amateur station. If you can’t afford that expensive HF dream radio, the club’s is there for you to use. You’ll learn to set up a verity of antennas and use analyzers and tuners to tune them. Other events including Fox Hunting and Project Builds are just a start. We welcome everyone and anyone interested in Amateur Radio to join us. Make sure to check out our website for all our latest Events coming up. Also it’s a great resource of info for new and seasoned operators. Contact us or sign in on our Guestbook page to let us know you dropped by!"

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