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If you are here for the first time, my name is Tamitha Skov. You may recognize me from TV shows I've done for The History Channel and The Weather Channel. I've been featured in Popular Science Magazine. I even do regular Space Weather broadcasts on TWiT TV. I want to open your world to a new kind of weather that's going to become very important to your daily life sooner than you think. Sound hard to believe? Think of all the technology we take for granted, like GPS and traffic apps on mobile phones, robotic drones and UAVs that have begun flying above our heads, high-altitude airline flights, satellite internet, satellite phones, Direct TV, even Sirius Radio -- all of these things are affected by Space Weather. As we become more reliant on smart, wireless technologies, our dependence upon Space Weather grows. Even today, emergency radio communications used by disaster relief agencies like the Red Cross depend upon what Space Weather is doing. Imagine, with no power and no cell phones, not being able to get through to your loved ones when its most important. Yet despite our growing reliance on Space Weather, very few people are even aware of it. I want to change all that. Im working to make credible Space Weather forecasts as common as the weather forecasts you see on the evening news. I would love for you to join me on this journey!

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