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  1. Shulman Auction


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Tractor Supply

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    • By K3MRI · Posted
      Full disclosure, I am a member of MARC, but I can honestly say that you will rarely find a greater number of experts in one club. Subscribe!!
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      The only reason I would write a positive review about a tuner company is if the tuners work. LDG tuners work, period. They tune up anything you'll throw at them. Frankly, I've loaded up some fairly unconventional pieces of metal only to be surprised every time. Of note, I own five different LDG tuners including a 600W in the car to handle my 350W linear.
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      My sister in law has bought from them for years and swears by them. They're not the cheapest, they're the best. They are expedition level. If you want to be warm and dry, you know what that's worth. I'm personally saving up for one of their parkas.
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      This is likely one of the very best updated amateur news website worldwide. Stories are relevant and truly 'news' articles. It's one of my daily visits online.
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      If you are on Mac or iOS and use weather forecasting for your portable or DXpedition outings, LuckGrib is an essential application. I've been using it for about a year and I absolutely love it. It's not for the faint-hearted. It requires some weather knowledge to exploit fully, it is made for sailors, after all. The price is also very attractive with a lifetime offer. **unsponsored and unsolicited review**
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