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Government Links

Links to official government websites with information related to Amateur Radio

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    • Hamshack Hotline
      There are a lot of hams in my area that use Hamshack Hotline as one more communications method.   We use it to help troubleshoot station problems, hold conference calls, and verify info in side-conversations during casual nets.   We also make sure we have one or more HH phones with us (at the 2 area EOCs that allow them) during drills and activations.
    • KF7P Metalwerks
      Definitely not ham-exclusive, but has some really nice products for hams. I really like the tower platforms, perfect when working on an antenna. Quite a few different paracord options as well. And much much more.
    • Amateur Radio License Map
      Same surprise on my side. I really had no idea there were so many in my neck of the woods (actually concrete in my case).
    • Amateur Radio License Map
      This is fun!  I had no idea there were 2 other hams living just down the street from me.
    • Amateur Radio License Map
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    • By K3MRI · Posted
      My sister in law has bought from them for years and swears by them. They're not the cheapest, they're the best. They are expedition level. If you want to be warm and dry, you know what that's worth. I'm personally saving up for one of their parkas.
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      This is likely one of the very best updated amateur news website worldwide. Stories are relevant and truly 'news' articles. It's one of my daily visits online.
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      If you are on Mac or iOS and use weather forecasting for your portable or DXpedition outings, LuckGrib is an essential application. I've been using it for about a year and I absolutely love it. It's not for the faint-hearted. It requires some weather knowledge to exploit fully, it is made for sailors, after all. The price is also very attractive with a lifetime offer. **unsponsored and unsolicited review**
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      Robert, I enjoyed your style. I was looking at the Icom 9700 and your review was just enough information. I'll look at other videos but this one was enough to show me that I like the style of the reviews you give.
    • By K3MRI · Posted
      Scott's YouTube channel is refreshing. It brings the perspective of a new ham, literally. My advice, Scott, is to remain 'fresh' in years to come. Continue to speak both as a new ham and to new hams. Too many blogs, channels and forums, including this one, cater to the full gamut of hams. You are helping the new ham to find their way. Good stuff.
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