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    A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I installed mobile radios and one of the hard and fast rules was "never mount the radio on the floor". While you do mention being careful not to spill anything, our concern was snow causing the carpet to get wet. Furthermore, I had a Datsun (that's now Nissan for you young'ns) 280Z and the radio was mounted on an upright behind the passenger seat. There was a leak and the car filled with water almost to the radio. Luckily, the water didn't quite reach the radio, but it did reach the quick release mount and the battery discharged through the water.
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    Hi Will. At the risk of an avalanche of follow up questions, here goes 😎 Yes, connect to the battery directly. Yes, connect both red and black wires to the battery, nowhere else. On transmit, at high power, you'll be drawing 13A. Mathematically, a 14 AWG wire would be plenty up to 15A. However, being the careful type, I would go with thicker, it'll never hurt. Go with 12 or 10 AWG. You should put a fuse in line. A 15A fuse makes sense for a 13A max draw. Keep a spare in the car. By the way, the thinner the wire, the more it will heat and the more likely your fuse would blow, hence the advantage of a thicker wire. As for how you connect, you can simply connect directly. This said, if you plan on adding other accessories, not sure which additional powered accessories you would want, then yes, a distribution block of some kind would be helpful. The Powerpole type have become the norm in amateur radio. That's what I use now. Is it worth spending money on a crimper etc..? If you're serious about amateur radio, this is not your last install 😂 - I see many more in your future, so the investment is worthwhile. Again, not compulsory, but definitely worthwhile. Fine for putting the main unit under the seat, just make sure you don't spill anything down there and vacuum every once in a while. Follow ups? 🤓 By the way, I deleted the duplicate post. 😎
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