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Ham Community sponsorship banner
RF Connection is proud to sponsor Ham Community and its members – keeping it free of advertising clutter – right up to the end of November 2019.

Say thank you by visiting their website or special Ham Community page.
  • We could use your help

    Ham Community depends on goodwill. We need people to do a variety of tasks, especially in these early days.

    Here is a tentative list of how you could help us become better:

    • We need help populating our Links Directory by seeking out websites that fit into our categories. Then post those links. They will appear pending moderation.
    • We need to populate our Calendar with both hamfests and contests. There are multiple sources, including clubs directly. We will share our vision on how to best do this.
    • We need help to insert items for review in our Gear Reviews section.

    And there is more. The bottom line is that we are a community by HAMs for HAMs so to succeed we need HAM involvement. To connect with us, simply make a request on our Support Desk.

    Thank you!

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