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This is not an Amateur Radio Club, per se. It is a sub-community of Ham Community, a place for any and all amateur radio operators from the District of Columbia, nearby Maryland and Northern Virginia to discuss common issues, sell their used gear, make region-wide announcements and set up inter-club activities. Welcome to the Greater DC Inter-Club Community in which all operators and all clubs are welcome to post equipment sales, calendar events, or discussions that concern us all. Do you know a Greater DC area ham who is not a member? Invite them!
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  2. I'm wondering if anyone has compiled a list of all ham-related events in the DC area? I'd like to feature it in this section. I'm looking for: hamfests public events where hams are called upon to volunteer (e.g. races, fairs, etc.) regular emcomm in-person exercises gatherings that are open to all hams Anything else you can think of would be welcome.

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