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The Vic Clark Chapter 91 of the Quarter Century Wireless Association serves the Washington, D. C. area. Our chapter usually meets once per month on the third Saturday at 11:30 a.m. Usually we meet at Glory Days Grill in Fairfax, Virginia, but check the club calendar for changes. We may have a speaker, take a field trip, have a picnic, or just have a social gathering. Visitors are welcome.

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    Presentation slides by Lee Garlock, KD4RE, from the 15 February 2020 meeting.
  3. Blank.pagesBlank.pages Please join us on the 18th as a social meeting, and we’ll use our time to develop our 2020 program. Bring your ideas and suggestions for speakers, topics and activities that interest you. Also, 2020 dues are due, so if you need to, pse consider paying your dues at the meeting.” Blank.pages
  4. Regular club meeting. We will be planning the 2020 meeting programs. Bring your ideas and suggestions for speakers, topics and activities that interest you.
  5. Annual Christmas party. Spouses and guests welcome!
  6. We need ideas for meeting topics for the upcoming year. We're a radio club, but we don't have to limit ourselves strictly to radio topics. One of our most well attended meetings was the one in which we learned why Enceladus, one of the moons of Saturn, is thought to be one of the most likely places in the universe to harbor extraterrestrial life. Our fall picnic is popular. Would you like to do one in spring as well? There is a power substation in Wakefield Park located off Braddock Rd. near I-495. It's filled with strange devices, which I assume must include transformers, circuit breakers, lightning protection, etc. Mike Aimone, our power systems expert, has agreed to give us a tour and explain what all of those devices do.
  7. Really sorry I could not make it to the meeting. But again, thanks to Doug and the entire QCWA Chapter 91 membership for being a part of Ham Community and for your decades of service to the Amateur Radio community.
  8. From the album: Meetings

    Our meeting topics were ARES/RACES, presented by Brendan, KM4HRR (second row, right), and MARS, presented by Gary, KC5QCN, (next to Brendan).
  9. Thank you for the invite and, again, apologies for not coming. I look forward to a later opportunity, not to mention that I really like Glory Days Grill... nice place with good food!!
  10. Regular club meeting.
  11. Ted Einersen, W9TCE, in the grey shirt and Roy Wright, K4AXQ, at the head of the table, joined Chapter 91 at the picnic.


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