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Cherry Tree Net - 3920 MHz


On-Air Nets and Events

Event details

This event began 06/01/2019 and repeats every week on Sunday and Saturday forever

The Cherry Tree Net has been run out of Virginia for decades. Net control is KD4SV, Dave. The net is a small, informal, NVIS net that encourages check-ins from new members.

HF band: 80/75m
Frequency: 3920
Days: Saturday,Sunday

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  • Administrators

Can't join today. Sorry all. Hope you have a great net.

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  • Administrators

Good net today. There were six of us including a new arrival to hf @KC3LUM. And thanks to @KD4SV for your continued support of the Cherry Tree net!!

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  • Moderators

Thanks everyone for my first HF contacts! Special thanks to @K3MRI for letting my help set up and operate! I hope to rejoin the Net again when I get time.

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  • Administrators

As Elmers, it's always an amazing feeling to be the one to accompany someone's first HF QSO. Glad to have been the one. You now have to buy me an Elecraft K4, wash my car 19 times, and take my cat to the vet next Tuesday! Oh, sorry, I forgot to fill you in on novitiate obligations. Silly me.

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I'll be on the air today Sunday 8 Sep '19. Hope to hear all my friends.

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