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Who is Reginald Fessenden?




Ever hear of Reginald Fessenden?

-         Made the first wireless voice transmission, on Cobb Island, Maryland on December 23, 1900.

-         Known as the father of Amplitude Modulation, and the first person to use a carbon microphone to modulate a carrier signal.

-         On December 24, 1906, Fessenden made the first wireless musical broadcast, which was heard by ships of the coast of Massachusetts.

-         Holder of more than 500 patents in illumination and early wireless technology, including the invention of the Fessenden Oscillator, which became the basis for SONAR.

Mark your calendar to help celebrate 120 years of Fessenden’s accomplishments as the Vienna Wireless Society hosts a Special Event Station, W4F from December 18-24, 2020.  More details to follow.

For more on Fessenden, see:  https://ethw.org/Reginald_A._Fessenden



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