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General Membership Meeting, Aug 14, 2020



We’ll use the VWS General Meeting Zoom URL for these meetings.  Zoom URL is:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/876619925?pwd=MkcrMU85Sm5PT3g5SzNOU214ZDdmQT09   If needed, the Meeting ID is: 876 619 925 and password:  3eE0ibYYJG

 Forum – NO FORUM TOPIC.  Instead, the main presentation will start directly after a Club announcements. 

  Main Presentation –Volcanoes for Hams, Poets and Lovers, Part II”: It’s been two years since Mike, AE4R provided his stimulating presentation on volcanoes from around the world.  He is returning to give an update.  If you’re interested in reviewing Mike’s earlier talk, see here.  Time:  ~7:15-9:00 pm


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