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General Membership Meeting, Apr 24, 2020




Forum –"DX Spotting:  An Important Tool for Finding New Contact Locations” Mike, KA4CDN will discuss some of the benefits and pitfalls of using various spotting networks to find stations of interest. Time:  7:00-7:30, Venue, Zoom via:  https://zoom.us/j/876619925?pwd=MkcrMU85Sm5PT3g5SzNOU214ZDdmQT09

Main Presentation – “Chasing Awards”  Doug, AK4AO will discuss some of the most commonly sought ham radio awards and tools for making, tracking, confirming, and verifying the required contacts.  He will also discuss the application process for selected awards.  Time: 7:45–9:00pm Venue: Zoom via: https://zoom.us/j/876619925?pwd=MkcrMU85Sm5PT3g5SzNOU214ZDdmQT09




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